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The Importance of Colour

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More than any other feature of clothes, colour is what you notice. Colour has personal value. It affects how you will. Pastel or soft colours are thought to relax people. Bright colours are thought to make people feel happy or talkative.

Colours are also cool or warm. Red and yellow are thought of as warm colours, while blue is considered a cool colour.

All colours are beautiful. Colours can be combined in many varied and interesting ways. Sometimes it is fashionable to put two or more colours together. Sometimes certain colours are not worn together because they are not fashionable. For many years, women did not wear red and pink together. Now these two colours may be often worn together. This is an example of how fashion affects the colours that people wear. Years ago, experts recommended that persons with certain skin tones should avoid certain colours. Redheads, for example, were warned to steer clear of reds and oranges and pinks. Today, we know that everyone can wear every colour, but they must find the shade or tint that suits them. This is done through the use of a chart called a colour key. A colour key is based on human colouring.

Everyone’s colouring is a unique combination of the colours in his or her eyes, skin, and hair. No two human colourings are exactly alike, but all human colourings have one thing in common. Everyone’s personal colouring has an undertone of either blue or yellow. Depending upon which undertone you have, certain shades or tints of colours will look better on you than others will.

There are other things you need to know about making colour for you. Various illusions can be created with colour. Warm colours, bright intensities, and light values look larger because they reflect more light. This means they will also tend to make you look larger when you wear large amounts of colours such as red, yellow, vivid greens, and pastels.

Cool colours soft intensities and dark values absorb more light. Your body will look smaller in cool, soft or dark colours than in warm or bright ones. Blues and greens, as dull reds or dark shades of any colour, will make you look smaller than you are.

Sharply contrasting colours attract a lot of attention. They also shorten your appearance. A bright red skirt worn with a bright green shirt will make you look shorter you actually are. This is fine, if you are tall. But this may not suit you if you are short and would like to look a little taller than you are.

Wearing one colour, especially a duller colour will tend to make you look taller than you actually are. People’s eyes follow the design lines of the clothes rather than being stopped by the two bright contrasting colours. Whether you are tall or short, try creating the opposite effect by means of colour.

Colours make a big difference in how you feel. Once you have found the colour key and the colours that work best on you, you will still probably find that you like some colours more than others. These are the colours that you probably feel most comfortable in. And feeling at ease will help you look your best.


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