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Spice up your wardrobe with international appeal

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This spring and summer runways were rich with culture and flooded with fashion influences from every corner of the world. From saris and caftans to batik and ikat, contemporary designers looked to ancient wisdom. Bright, bold designs passed down through generations helped to infuse current collections. Many designers offer some inspirations that will give your wardrobe international appeal.

India’s vibrant colours

In a land where spiritual energy and even cities are associated with various shades, vivid colours like hot pink and turquoise rule the fashion roadways. But you don’t have to be in Joudhpur (“The Blue City”) or Jaipur (“The Pink City”) to incorporate these hot hues into your wardrobe; juicy tropical colours are major this spring. Take the look even further by trying out a tie-dye or batik piece. You may associate these techniques with America's hippie era, but they actually hail from India, a region known for its fabulous play on colours. Embellishments and ornate accessories such as bangles or chandelier earrings complete the look and add the obligatory amount of adornment.

Africa’s traditional prints

World news, politics and celebrity attention have shed a recent spotlight on Africa, making it only natural for designers to have this region top of mind while conjuring up inspiration for their runway looks. Animal motifs are now considered classics, and safari chic is becoming a staple in summer collections, but this season's abundance of bold tribal patterns and ikat designs is helping Africa come to life in a whole new way. The region's earthy, rich landscape provides the colour palette for these styles, but the range of influence from this region is as vast as the land itself. From a crisp and conservative khaki creation to a wildly exotic outfit, African-inspired pieces are parading across American streets this season in diverse ensembles.

Latin America’s embroidery

While the incredibly detailed patterns associated with Latin American fashion have a beautiful romantic allure, the ancient woven designs were originally used to share stories and tell of dreams. Natural, gauzy blouses and dresses trimmed with colourful, complex stitchwork reflect generations of women and their handiwork. Mexican folk art, vibrant textiles and accents such as small, brightly coloured Chaquira beads have heavily influenced contemporary accessories, while traditional woven and embossed leather crafts are always considered summer staples. Latin fever is spreading, from John Galliano's recent fiesta-infused resort collection for Christian Dior to Catherine Malandrino's festive spring designs to Old Navy's 'Mexicali' items. Are you next?

Asia’s silhouettes

Asian culture is a source of grace and elegance, examplified by beautiful silhouettes that are still significant today. Clean, sleek cuts with feminine details are refined yet womanly, and the simple, soft lines that define their look are strong yet subtle. Couture geisha garments and traditional costumes have been reinterpreted with modern design. The robelike wrap, kimono sleeves, mandarin collars and waist-cinching belts all dramatically alter the shape and form of the most basic article. The result is an understated sense of style not to be underestimated.

Thanks to Aphrodite, Athena, and Greek mythology, Hollywood's red carpets have never been without goddesslike gowns. And today, long fluid frocks have never been more en vogue on America's catwalks and sidewalks. Empire waistlines, one-shoulder necklines and gathered gowns drape today's most fashion forward. Maxi dresses and gladiator sandals are modern-day must-haves, topping the list of this season’s trendiest items. Other heavenly accessories borrowed from the gilded gods include braided rope, coin and leaf details


Different Types of Women’s Skirts

Women’s skirts are definitely the best choice for a feminine touch, they are ideal for work or leisure; you can look enticing in them or sophisticated and professional. There is such a wide array of skirts you can choose from this all depends on what impression you want to give to others around you. There are such a variety of patterns and colours to suit your personality and style or to follow trends and fashion.

An important factor to take into account is to find out, which style of skirt will flatter your figure and enhance your feminine assets. You can start by selecting the style of skirt you prefer.

Circle skirts are full skirts and they tend to be rather on the short side, usually made of light fabric in order to create the circle effect. A-line skirts are narrow round the waist and knee-length, slightly flared at the base. Pencil skirts are narrow and straight; these are ideal to show of slim figures. Trouser skirts can be fitted or flared and remind you of trousers with pockets and belt loops. High waist pleated skirts have inverted pleats and give you an A-line silhouette with an extra fashionable look.

Tiered skirts are made from horizontal bands of fabric sewn together to create a flared tier and they usually reach the mid-calf; the fabric they are made from will render them either formal or casual to wear. Mini skirts are the most flattering if you have lovely legs, and amongst the most feminine amongst skirts.

Skirts that come with a bias-cut are made from fabric, which is cut diagonally giving it a flowing, gypsy look about it. Asymmetrical skirts are perfect for evenings out; the hem is longer on one side giving it a particular trendy style.

If you have a rather curvy body you should go for those skirts with a slight flare that reach just below the knee. Choose skirts, which are smooth in the front and fasten in the back. If your hips are wider choose skirts that narrow down towards the bottom and avoid emphasized waistbands, preferring dropped-waist skirts, which will narrow the hip area. Stay away from pleated skirts that start from the waist, which tend to accentuate curves, as they will not stay in place.

Tall women with long legs look great in mid-length skirts, and asymmetrical skirts will enhance long legs. Mini skirts can be worn taking care to match them with flat-heeled shoes.

Petite women should avoid straight skirts such as pencil skirts or slightly flared skirts, like an A-line skirt. The skirt you should choose should be just above the knee or just below it if you are heavier on the torso. A good solution is to wear vertical stripes, which will make you appear taller, while a slit slightly to one side will make your legs look longer. A full-length skirt will also make you appear taller than you really are, just stay clear from skirts with too many details or complicated patterns.

For women with boyish figures, the best skirts to choose are pencil skirts, which add curves to your straight figures, as will tiered skirts, pleated skirts and circle skirts; these will also make you look more feminine.



This term appeared for the first time in Great Britain but later spread all over the world. This term is frequently used speaking about the uniform of the companies because it was used for the first time in this meaning.

So, dress code is the number of rules and recommendations about the clothes that should be put on during some occasions. So, dress-code is especially spread in different companies and offices because people try to regulate and control the look of their workers.

You can hardly find an office nowadays that didn't have logo, symbol, brand. The style of the company reflects in advertising design and is a part of the image of the company. The aim of this image is the necessary impression on people and partners. But the clothes of the workers of this or that company have become the part of this image too. That is why dress-code has become very popular nowadays.

So here are some of codes:

Ultra formal. This code requires evening dress with gloves and little purse, a nice hairdo. This clothing is put on for special solemn occasions, for example the ceremony of awarding.

Semi Formal is a suit with pullover. Casual free fashion style that is used in every-day life or going to the country for a picnic etc. The traditional casual clothes are jeans and T-shirt.

Black Tie, Cravate noire, Tuxedo. The occasions when the clothing of this style may be put on are first night in the theatre, official party, and cocktail parties. The traditional clothes are evening dress or cocktail dress.

Black Tie Invited. Family or corporate celebrations, official dinner, cocktail party etc. are the occasions when the clothes like cocktail dress, business suits, and long dresses may be put on.

Black Tie Optional. It is the same as Black Tie Invited code but more solemn.

Creative Black Tie. Family or corporate celebrations, official dinner, cocktail party etc. are occasions for this code. Its clothes are long or short dress, evening set.

Formal. It is worn for the formal evening occasion. Almost the same as Black Tie but accepts sometimes can allow more creativeness in clothes with the use of modern details.

A5 (After five). All types of occasions that start after 5 p.m. The clothes are cocktail dresses, stylish suits with trousers and skirt.

A5c (After five)- Free and easy evening style. The women suits and modern day dresses may be put on during occasions that take place after 5 p.m.

Every style and code should be added by a good haircut or hairdo and the necessary make-up. The details must complete the image but not spoil it.


Evolution in Men Sweaters

Evolution in men sweaters has brought a real revolution of wearing trends and now people wear different kinds of sweater which cater to different needs of style and environment.

Cashmere sweaters- truly superior

If you want to create real difference by wearing something inspiring, cashmere sweaters are the ones which can earn you desired richness of look and impression. They are amazingly soft and are a four season sensation; no discrimination of weather, wear them year round. The biggest advantage that you will earn with cashmere sweaters is that women are fond of touching it, not a big deal.

Crew Neck & V-neck Sweaters-attractive by nature

Once again, the fashion of V neck sweater is reviving and most of the designers are coming-up with V-neck sweaters in winter. V-neck and Crew-neck sweaters have always been a preferred choice of men in sweaters. Their multiple uses for casual and formal purposes make them really affordable for the men of substance. No wardrobe can fit to expectations of men without having V-neck and Crew-neck sweaters in it. V-neck has a natural attraction for men for many unknown reasons.

Cardigans- Wear them anywhere

Time has changed the perception about cardigans. These are no more the ones which our father or grandpa used to wear, they are altogether changed overtime. Now you are at freedom to wear them inside a jacket with a double zipper which allows you to unzip when you sit down.

Turtleneck Sweaters- Simply splendid

Turtleneck sweaters are meant to block intense cold by covering the sensitive neck. These sweaters are fantastic for their colourful and individual attraction and they can be wearing under formal jackets and with jeans. They are very light-weight but very strong protection against extreme cold due to woolen nature. These turtleneck sweaters are recommended for slim and smart people, heavy body doesn’t get maximum out of their stylish appeal.


Polo sweaters are made of cotton with half or short sleeves to suit in summer settings. They are perfect for office wear with khakis. Trends keep on changing but basics remains the same. We may come across new designs and new technologies in men sweaters but they will always be revolving around these traditions which have lived through ages with as superior sensations.


Men’s Apparel has no Parallel

Style is leading the way in today’s demanding world and gender is no more a constraint in fashion world. Fashion is capturing the minds of people. We are what we wear and eat. No one knows what we eat at home but everyone knows us by what we wear during different phases of our daily routine. Apparel is the identity of any person or society. The more stylish you dress the more attractive and noticeable you become. Like women, men’s apparel has become diverse inline with seasons and reasons to wear. Men’s apparel is a part of every men who matters in the society for has style and choice. Be it a sports wear, casual wear or some other type of apparel, brands are the source of prominence

Talking about the apparels of workouts, one would be amazed by knowing about the variety and diversity these kinds of apparels has gained overtime. American designers have faced a real challenge during the last few years. With more access to the Internet an average person has got sufficient information about the kind of men’s apparel in fashion. They not only expect creativity but they also want affordability and functionality in the design.

High prices of branded men’s apparels have made a branded apparel a dream for common people but at the same time this huge increase in premium of branded items have opened new doors for quality products at affordable prices. Today’s men’s apparel market is facing very scary changes and manufacturers are not sure about the future trends. Men’s apparels are going through a transformation period and a new wave of changing trends is foreseen by the experts in the field.


Clothing Can Create an Optical Illusion - Good or bad!

Too frequently, even the most accomplished sewer finds the results of her efforts simply hanging in the closet or being worn self-consciously.
In most cases, such discouraging experiences cannot be blamed on the actual sewing, but rather on the optical illusion that was created because of the pattern design that was used, or the fabric chosen for the garment.

Keep in mind that every pattern design looks becoming on the models used on the pattern envelope; however, we all have lumps and bumps and problem areas that those models don't reveal. The planning stage of every garment should be done with the realization that garments nearly always create SOME kind of an optical illusion. The trick is to make sure the illusion will be flattering and not disappointing! Here are some examples of optical illusions that can occur with various types of sewing patterns and fabrics.

A "narrowing" effect occurs with princess or A-lines making one appear to be slimmer. Sleeveless, short or cap sleeves or tight sleeves call attention to, and display, the arms. If you have heavy upper arms or are self conscious about extra thin arms, find patterns that won't draw immediate attention to the arms.

Solid colours, vertical lines and narrow V-lines will heighten a body. Contrasting colours in tops and skirts as well as big bold prints, will shorten it.

Raglan and dolman sleeves will narrow the shoulders, while wide collars and padded shoulders give the illusion of wider shoulders.

A fabric that clings to the body can give a skeletal impression on too-thin body parts. However, around bulges, the clinging fabric can create cruel, framing shadows. A more loosely woven fabric will be kinder to the thin or thick areas.

Mandarin, turtleneck or scarf-tied collars, chokers and fussy necklines can shorten an already short neck, but be beneficial to a long one.

A jabot, splashy or bold prints, round and low necklines or long ties on a scarf make busts look larger. Hips will seem to increase in girth with tight or full skirts and with trimmed skirts. The A-lines or princess style skirts will create a more slimming appearance.

Figures appear rounder and fuller in double breasted jackets and blouses, in large prints and plaids and full skirts.

Waists seem to expand with wide or conspicuous belts or buckles or with bulky or stiff fabrics. Dresses with several rows of elastic sewn at the waistline will appear to thicken the waist and shorten your height, while semi-fitted dresses with v-line designs and A-line skirt will give a thinner and taller appearance.

It takes a cool head to pass up a gorgeous fabric or attractive pattern, by allowing past experiences to come to mind and to realize that similar choices had proven disappointing. At the same time, remember which garments have been joys to wear and have gotten countless compliments. Not all fabrics and patterns are suited to every body type; therefore it is up to each one of us to determine what will work for our particular body type. With the wide variety of fabrics and patterns available, there will be a very large selection to choose from, even though we are making a conscious decision to eliminate those few that really won't work for us.




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