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Types and Styles of Women's Skirts

In caring for women’s skirts, it is very important that you always follow the instructions on the care label to ensure the best look and to extend the life of your skirts.

Always use hangers with clamps or clips and it is very important that hang your skirts by their waistbands in order to avoid wrinkles and to give you that convenient, ready to wear look.

Here are a few tips for caring for your skirts that will keep them looking great for years to come:

Pleated Skirts: Depending on the type of fabric, most pleated skirts do not need to be professionally cleaned and can be laundered at home, saving you time and money. This does not mean that professional cleaning does not have its value, because having pleated skirts professionally cleaned and pressed, would assure that you had the pleats pressed perfectly. However, this look can be achieved without professional cleaning.

Denim Skirts: It is very important that you turn your denim skirts inside-out for laundering. Be sure to wash in cold water and dry on low heat. If you need to press a denim skirt, you can do so with a medium-hot iron. However, if the demin skirt has a print on it, make sure the print is not an iron-on print, because this type of print will run if it comes into contact with the iron, thus ruining the skirt. The best way to iron a demin skirt with an iron-on print is to place a towel between the denim skirt and the iron and check the print frequently to make sure that your iron is not to hot!

Leather or Suede Skirts: These types of skirts can be very tricky but it is better to simply wipe your leather skirt with a damp cloth after wearing it. If it is a suede skirt, simply brush your suede skirt with a suede brush. If a more thorough cleaning is necessary, you take a leather skirt or suede skirt to a professional cleaner for dry cleaning.

Wool Skirts: Always take your wool skirts to a professional cleaner for dry cleaning, but make sure you have them dry cleaned as infrequently as possible as the material will break down with time. If possible, store your wool skirts in a cloth garment bag with cedar or some other type of moth-repellant because these critters love wool and will make short and quick work of your wool skirt.


Finding the Right Skirt for You!

While skirts can be one of the most flattering and versatile pieces of your wardrobe, it is important that you find the skirt that best fits your body type and style.

Here are some tips to help you find the skirt that is right for you!

Tall Women – Women with long legs can carry off short and mid length skirts beautifully. The types of skirts that would emphasize your gorgeous long legs would be an asymmetrical skirt or a mini skirt

Petite Women – A petite woman looks great in a straight skirt! The perfect skirt for this body type is a petite skirt or an A-line skirt because it is slightly flared. Here’s a tip if you consider yourself a petite woman, your skirt should be just above the knee if you’re slender, and it should just cover the kneecap if you’re larger on top.

Curvy Women – If you have a curvy figure, a skirt with a slight flare that just covers the knee will be the best choice. An A-Line skirt would be a great choice for you. If you are a little bottom-heavy, choose a skirt that ends at the narrowest part of your knee. If you are a little heavier in the middle, skirts without a waistband or with a dropped waist will de-emphasize the area. It is best for you to avoid skirts with pleats that begin at the waist as these pleats may pull open in a less than flattering way.

Boyish Women – If you have this body style, it is best to wear a skirt that will give you the perception of curves. A pencil skirt is a perfect fit for this body style. Also, the fullness of a circle skirt, tiered skirt, or pleated skirt will add curves to your body in a classy and beautiful way.

Did you Know?

- Stripes or seams will add to your height?

- A full-length skirt will create height?

- Skirts with a slit that is off-center can make your legs look longer?



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