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Spring-clean Your Wardrobe

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It's time for spring to clean your wardrobe, that is instead of throwing out the old, work with what you have and update your look with bargain buys.

Playing “wardrobe multiple choice” is the best way to beat the budget blues this spring, and the rules are easy to follow.

Step one: Open wardrobe, remove garments from coat hangers then try them all on. Start to experiment with different style combinations and at last go shopping to fill the gaps.

Style mixing is the new spring clean, which means hanging on to the old but adding the new. It's about revitalising what you have with a few savvy purchases.

Updating your spring wardrobe doesn't have to be a bank breaker.

Neutrals are this season's biggest buzz, though it's really a hiss because it's all about python. If you can only afford to update your wardrobe with one thing, choose a snakeskin belt, scarf or handbag. It will go with everything, including black and white, nude and bright colours, and it's classical, so you'll have it forever.

Accessorise with giant dangly earrings and wear hair short or swept up to show them off; hang a bangle on the wrist. Complete the look with nude or beige-coloured shoes, this season's must-have. They go with every outfit and are flattering, too, creating the illusion of longer legs. But don't be afraid to wear the same colours.

Worthy investment items this spring/summer include a tailored jacket and matching pencil skirt, which can be worn together or apart.
The tailored jacket, nipped in at the waist, is your new best friend, suitable for office wear but also the perfect partner for a cocktail frock or maxi. The same look can also transform into rock-chick glam with the addition of studded accessories (handbag or leather cuff) and foxy footwear.



With the development of people's society a lot of new styles of clothes have appeared. As a rule people don't keep to one of them but combine them making a nice combinations and inventing the new ones.

But there are several styles that have entered our life and are known almost to everybody. Some people make their own style combining the elements of the others. So here are some of the styles:

The classical or traditional. The main rule of this style is to be simple and strict. All clothes should be elegant without luxuries. It should also be modest and not showy. As a rule clothes of this style have the simple cut. The accessories mustn't be too luxury and of a good quality. Almost every trade mark offers a great choice of clothes made in this style.

Practical style. The characteristic feature of this style is lightness and unimportance. Its spice is the use of the light textile. The most popular accessories of this style are belts and ribbons. The cut is also very simple.

But recently the new styles in fashion have developed. The traditional styles can't satisfy people's demand. That is why designers have elaborated a lot of new trends and new styles. Besides designers added some interesting details and accessories have become popular too.

So the most popular styles nowadays are:

Wild style. This style is very outright and sometimes even vulgar. Some people consider it to be tastelessness. Young brave girls are fans of such style. This style is the best for those who love experiments. The famous trade marks make clothes in this style. Jeans, T-shirts, jersey, jackets are the main elements of this style. A lot of details, bright prints, all possible colours are characteristic too. This gay and creative style is based on combination of many colours.

Punk style. This is provocative style based on a great number of colours, strange combinations, and bright accessories. Sometimes Pink dresses in such style too.

Elegant conservative. The preference of bright pastel shades and the elegant cut are the main features of this style. The most popular clothes are tennis skirts, traditional shirts with cuffs. Cotton is the traditional material of this style. The right details complete this style.

If you want to look great the only thing you need to do is to elaborate your own style. Sometimes even following the latest trends you may look tasteless. But nowadays the traditional rules of fashion have been broken. Nowadays a purse shouldn't be of the same colour and material like shoes. Nowadays all kinds of experiments even the most extraordinary are allowed.


Suits Compliments Each Woman

Suits are available for all occasions. Formal office attire demands different suits and these are completely different from suits that many women wear when they go to the church. Of course there are a number of styles and trends in which the women can wear their suits.

Pants suits

There are pants suits for women that are worn to the office and are known as formal suits. They are stylish, sophisticated, and smart and they will look great on you. In fact they are tailored in such a way that they can even be worn in the evenings when you have planned an evening out. All you need to do is to change the top and take off the jacket and you can have a night out at the pub.

There are three-piece suits for office wear too. These would include a top within a jacket and pants. The suit ensembles are usually made of polyester, spandex and nylon mix. This ensures that they remain wrinkle free and can be machine-washed easily. The jacket may also have three buttons for a more corporate look.

Skirt suits

Skirt suits are equally popular among women who are looking for suits. Skirt suits look great for office wear as well as for formal evenings. The formal skirt suits would comprise of jackets and knee length skirts. There may be three piece suits too that would have a shirt inside the jacket. The evening skirts suits would include stylish camisoles and blouses in silk and taffeta. The tops may also be off shoulder and may also include a shawl. There are a number of variations on these.
There are a number of styles for dress suits too. They can also look extremely fetching and beautiful. Other suits include pantsuits, dresses and skirt suits for prom nights, wedding, formal occasions and more. These suits are made of silk, blend of wool and other materials, satin and can include a number of embellishments.

The sizes and the prices for the suits

There are a number of sizes that are available for these suits. In fact, most stores stock the sizes for suits from extra small to all plus sizes and sizes that go way up to 44. These suits can be accessorized with dainty jewelry, matching hats and a variety of shoes and bags. The black suit is very popular and is one of the quickest ways to show some style.


Various Options For Women’s Jackets

The choices for women’s jackets are numerous. When you walk into a shopping mall, you will find jackets of different types, designs, styles and colors. For every occasion, women can really dress it up well with the jackets that compliment their style.

For those that are actively outdoors and love to go skiing and hiking, there is a whole range of jackets that are light and yet the protect the wearer from the elements of the nature. These women’s jackets are usually water resistant and the inners are made of polyester. For greater convenience, these jackets have a number of pockets and have zippers. Many of them also have Velcro cuffs for a tight fit and can be trimmed on the collars with fur. They also come with optional hoods that can be tucked under the collars and have a drawstring at the waist for the snug fit.

Women’s jackets in leather and suede are considered to be the best. Jackets can be made of croc and alligator leather, camel leather, sheep and cow leather, bison leather and many more. From the conservative black and tan, women’s jackets in leather can come in a number of colours too. They are available in both zips as well as buttons. The inners and the shell can be also made of polyester. Some of the available styles are biker jackets and the bomber jackets. Check for the washing instructions at the time of buying the jacket.

Other styles of women’s jackets include the trench coat and the pea coat. They can be made from wool as well as cashmere. The collars can be trimmed by faux fur. They have a snug fit and give a great shape to the wearer. They are also available with funnel neck, elastic snap cuffs, on seam pockets and can be hooded too.

The long coats are extremely enduring during the long winter months. They give added warmth while making the wearer look elegant and chic. They are also available in cashmere and faux suede as well as leather. You can select from a huge range of colours. The colour to wear this season is purple and mauve.

Design Influenced by the Occasion

It is a well-recognized fact that the dress which is suitable for one occasion is entirely inappropriate for another. And just so is the question of the design of the dress influenced by the occasion for which it is to be worn. It is not only to the wearer's individuality that the gown must be suited. When we speak of suitability we mean suitability to the time when the gown is worn, the place where it is worn, the occasion, and the circumstances of the wearer. No matter how charming a gown may be, it is not in good taste if it costs a great deal more than the wearer is known to be able to afford. And no matter how beautiful an afternoon frock may be, it is in poor taste if worn to a formal evening function. The material, colour, general form of the dress and the decoration are very much dependent upon whether the dress is to be used for street and business wear, for the golf course, the formal evening party or a simple afternoon frock to be worn in your home. Sometimes it is possible to use the same material for an afternoon party dress and for business wear, simply by the proper choice of design. In the first case, it would be made up more fully and elaborately, whereas in the latter case a more tailored effect should be used.

When in doubt as to the proper design of a dress select the simpler one rather than the elaborate style, and you will be less likely to appear conspicuous.

When designing sport clothing you must always keep in mind the type of sport for which the garment is to be worn. The tennis costume, for example should be light in weight and colour and should not hinder one's movements. The golf costume, however, may be more tailored and of a heavier material.

The house dress to be properly designed should be simple, easily laundered, not too elaborate, and should at all times present a fresh and attractive appearance. Such a garment will actually make your work easier.

Properly design your afternoon dress and it will serve many, many purposes. Unless you are in the habit of dressing formally for the theater, the afternoon dress will be very appropriate likewise for church and the informal evening party in your own home.

The selection of material and the purpose for which the dress is to be worn has a direct influence on economy. Light, fragile materials which are not very durable may be made up in more extreme fashion than heavier weight fabrics.



Women’s Formal Wear Is A Great Way to Stand Out From the Crowd

When it comes to women’s formal wear, the only thing that comes to mind is elegant dresses and gowns. Of course, the little black dress (or the LBD as it’s popularly referred to as) is a very elegant and a classy dress to wear to any formal occasion or event.

The elegant dresses come in a lot of materials such as silk, taffeta, chiffon, lace, jersey and many more. The colour for the season right now is purple and mauve but other colors such as wine, golden, navy blue, teal and other pastel shades look just as nice. These elegant dresses can be teamed up with a bolero or shawls. Empire line dresses accentuate the bust and the waist and focus attention on these areas while drawing attention away from the hips and the buttocks.

Necklines and embellishments set off the dress from others

Deep neckline, swooping necklines and square necklines accentuate the cleavage and show off the bare shoulders and the long necks. The gowns are form fitting. There are a number of sizes and colors as well as styles that are available for these evening dresses. Since these dresses are form fitting, they come with a zipper for a snug fit. Some of these elegant dresses may also have elegant trails that look very beautiful.

The women’s formal wear can also come with a number of embellishments such as lave, bows, trails, crystals, belts and lots more. They make the dress look extremely fetching and make the dress stand out from the rest. Some of the dresses can be divided into two parts such as a bodice and a skirt. Along with these crochet shawl with endings look great.

Accessorizing your dress

Along with the women’s formal wear, one needs to team them with the right kind of accessory, hairstyles and makeup. The tall and elegant women’s formal wear go well with thin stilettos and other dainty sandals that have diamante settings. Always accessorize as this makes the dress look better. For this all you need to do is get a beautiful pair of earrings or a bracelet. Wear pearls or diamonds as they very well with the women’s formal wear.




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