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Choosing Colour to Make the Right Impression

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The person’s image influences others subconsciously, helping its owner to make the right impression on other people. Colour is the main factor of emotional impact. Lines, shape, silhouette and texture are less important, although do contribute.

We all know how important it is to make the right first impression. It will help you in the future to get on with people and get what you want from them. Colours in your clothes will help you create a positive image of you in the eyes of people you work with, friends or just about anybody.

Red colour. On one hand it is associated with energy, activeness, optimism and strength. On the other hand, this colour may be associated with aggressiveness, persuasiveness and danger. Therefore, the influence of this colour is ambiguous. On one hand it attracts the looks, hypnotizes and excites, on the other – scares away and stops. Our advice is to wear red colour clothes only when you need to look brave, energetic, sexy or extraordinary. Never wear red, if you need to look modest, delicate, neutral or serious.

Orange and yellow colours are usually associated with sun, light, warmth, tropical fruits and hot sand. Wear these colours when you need to look optimistic, relaxed, young, merry or sporty.

Green colour is dominating in the nature and is acceptable and pleasant almost anywhere. It arises the feeling of harmony, freshness and vitality. There are no counterindications for using this colour. It will leave you unnoticed and completely non-aggressive.

Blue colour is the colour of evening sky and space. It is associated with remoteness, emotional coldness, intellect and spirituality. Use blue colour when you need to look reserved, serious or remote.

Purple colour is perceived like mysterious, inconceivable, attractive, magical, fatal and intellectual. Some people consider it to be very erotic. It attracts and frightens at the same time. It dazzles and keeps a distance. Use the purple clothes if you need to arouse the curiosity of someone or to leave an impression of mystery.

Dark colours: brown, wine-colored, dark blue, dark green, dark purple, dark gray. These colours are associates with calmness and maturity, wisdom and melancholy, apathy and life experience.

Choose dark colours when you need to show yourself as a trustworthy, respectable, serious, cautious, wise and experienced person tired of life vanity.
Pastel colours: tender, light tones of rosy, blight blue, lilac, light-green. These colors symbolize the innocence, infantilism, tenderness, delicacy and indecision. Use these colors if you want to look young, feminine, flexible, passive and simple-minded.

Black colour is the colour of earth, nothingness, end of life. It is inconceivable, impenetrable, pessimistic, denying, negativity and wisdom at the same time. This colour focuses attention, attracts and amazes, but sometimes also scares. It is called the king of elegance. We advise you to wear black if you need to show your individualism, independence, sophistication, mysteriousness, significance and authority.

White colour is the colour of snowy fields, arctic ice, northern lights, and clouds. It symbolizes eternity, permanence, calmness, clarity, virginity, serenity and carelessness. It is to wear white clothes when you need to look clean, innocent, incorrupt, decent and moral.

Grey colour symbolizes ashes, fog, rainy sky. This colour is neutral and doesn’t have any emotional impact.



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