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Taking Care Of Your Clothes

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It is very important to know, how to take care of clothes, which you wear every day. Everyone has to know that clothes need good care, good drying and good washing. Every item of clothes has its own methods of keeping it in good condition. When you buy clothes in fashionable shops, look on the label about how to wash it, how to dry it, what temperature it needs. So, you have to learn wash and bleach symbols, water temperature.


This information will help you look after your garments in a right way. Except wash and bleach symbols, the label of every cloth item should locate information on dry and iron symbols. These symbols are in the form of little iron, clothes washer. If the laundry washer is crossed, it means that it is prohibited to wash your cloth item in the laundry washer. So, you have to wash it by hands and dry on the fresh air. But if clothes washer is not crossed, you can wash it in the machine.

Sometimes it is not allowed to dry clothes in the washing and drying machine. Then you have to dry them on the balcony, on the fresh air. Wash and bleach symbols show you whether it is necessary to bleach your clothes and to wash in the clothes washer. If you wash your clothes, just look at their labels, where the water temperature is shown. Most of the clothes are washed by the normal temperature of 30-40 degrees; it is called normal wash and dry temperature. But some clothes need special care and cold or very hot temperature.


If you want your white clothes to be always white, use bleach. If it is allowed to bleach your cloth material, you will read it at wash and bleach symbols. But if you have colourful clothes, don't use bleach for them, because you will spoil their structure. When you look through wash and bleach symbols, concentrate your attention on what kind of bleach is more effective for your white garments. It can be chlorine bleach and non chlorine bleach. The more concentrated chemical elements the bleach has, the more strong and effective it is.

If textile factories produce good high-quality drapery, many world famous designers and fashion companies buy it and make stylish fashionable clothes with labels including wash and bleach symbols, and dry and iron symbols.
Learn how to take care of your clothes, and you will look fascinating every day in every item of cloth.


"Put money in thy purse"-SHAKESPEARE

INSIGNIFICANT things are not always as unimportant as we may think. We are told, in the old story, that once upon a time a kingdom was lost for the want of a horseshoe nail. It is so in matters of the toilette, where the slight, but none the less important, detail is most frequently overlooked.

It is very simple, of course, to have one's tailor or cleaning establishment so skilfully press, steam, or dry clean our coats, suits, and gowns to transform them to almost original newness, but equally important are routine details in their daily care. For this reason one should always have certain aids and conveniences at hand. Clothes-hangers, shoe-trees, whisk-broom, a bottle of ammonia for sponging, a spot remover, mending tissue, paper or cloth bags for covering clothes when hanging, together with the inevitable little work-basket containing snaps, hooks and eyes, and an assortment of coloured threads for mending, are all important factors of beauty in dress.

Frocks should never be hung up in a closed wardrobe or clothes-press immediately after being removed, but should be placed on hangers where they may be thoroughly aired. One can not be too careful in avoiding any odour of perspiration. Evening gowns of frail materials, such as tulle, chiffon, crepe, or lace, should also be aired and then neatly folded in layers of tissue-paper and laid in long roomy boxes or bureau drawers. The shoulders, and sleeves if there be any, should be filled out into shape with crushed tissue-paper.

A good street suit should be used for outside wear only and never as part of a house dress. Never wear the suit skirt as a separate skirt if you wish to get your money's worth from the suit. With a tailored suit, some women get two skirts and wear them alternately, since most coats will outwear two skirts.


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