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II. Find and comment on the non-finite forms of the verb and its complex

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1. I heard of our head engineer’s having been sent abroad.

2. I usually enjoy cleaning shoes. It’s relaxing!

3. At this moment footsteps were heard coming across the hall

4. We noticed the car being refuelled near the stop.

5. Tom is believed to become Director next year.

6. I noticed her quickly slip the necklace inside her coat and leave the shop.

7. We objected to company’s building a petrol station in our road.

8. Mark was a good guitarist and we often listened to him playing in the evenings.

9. I want to get the grass cut!

10. She heard her name called.


III. Fill in the blanks with suitable modal verbs.

1. The work… be finished only tomorrow.

2. You… take the key.

3. Did he… to make new drawing?

4. …he make any copies of the drawing to you?

5. You … to be more attentive.

6. You… not have shown them the plans.

7. … they got to leave the camp so early?

8. He… to help me.

9. I…come later on.

10. The cases… have been discussed yesterday.


IV. Use corresponding mood form instead of the verbs in brackets.

1. I suggest that I (try) something of a more serious nature.

2. Doris requires of a man only that he (be) clever.

3. Brady proposed that they (to walk) down the sea wall.

4. I saw that I (be) mistaken in believing that uncle Nick (be) it.

5. I’m glad that you (drop) in.

6. It was lunchtime. He knew they (be) safely occupied for an hour at least.

7. He was determined that his enemies (pay).

8. Charles insisted that we (keep) secret even the most remote mention of the idea.

9. I was a little surprises that such a little boy (read) the life of Milton.

10. She soon discovered that he never (see) the Statue of Liberty in New York.


V. Translate these sentences from Ukrainian into English.

1. Хіба ви не знали, що я зустрів її?

2. Вони розмовляли так, наче знали один одного впродовж довгого часу.

3. Не може бути, щоб він гуляв під дощем.

4. Як би я був на вашому місті, я б спробував підняти це питання.

5. Шкода, що він рідко каже правду.

6. Ми боялися, що він не прийде.

7. Необхідно, щоб ви зробили це після вечері.

8. Сукню треба пошити.

9. Коли очікують її прихід?

10. Невже він зараз тут?


VI. Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentence

1. The budget analysis is due____ Friday.

(A) at (B)from (C)until (D)on

2. New paint _____ pictures will make the office look better.

(A) but (B)and (C)as (D)though

3. Everyone is_____ that Ms. Howard seldom leaves before 6:00

(A)aware (B)await (C)awaken (D)awed

4. The itinerary____ with the cruise list.

(A)be filing (B)is filed (C)be filed (D)if filing

5. Passengers can check in for the charter flight____ 8:00and 12:00 tomorrow.

(A)between (B)with (C)through (D)from

6. The president had her travel agent____ the reservations.

(A)made (B)has made (C)make (D)makes

7. _____ way to transfer a document is by fax.

(A)The quicker (B)The faster (C)The quickest than (D)The quickest

8. Mr. Ditze typed the speech_____ Ms. Lang prepared the chairs

(A)or (B)and (C)where (D)during

9. The head of the porters____ guests with their luggage.

(A)assist (B)assisting (C)assists (D)are assisting

10. Ask the accounts receivable clerk____ the invoice.

(A) to send (B)sending (C)will send (D)sends


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