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II. Find and comment on the non-finite forms of the verb and its complex. 1. He was asked to bring this parcel

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1. He was asked to bring this parcel.

2. The situation is worth discussing.

3. I remembered buying that thing.

4. He insisted on my helping him immediately.

5. I don’t feel like walking in such nasty weather.

6. Your coming has done him good.

7. Not telling my sister about it hurts me.

8. To understand all is to forgive all.

9. For him to win was going to be a difficult thing.

10. The really important thing was saving the children.


III. Fill in the blanks with suitable modal verbs.

1. You… break the glass if you take the safety screen off.

2. The departure has been arranged. He … leave now.

3. We’ll deliver the instruction-books today, so that they… begin mounting the lathes this week.

4. The safety valve… be opened immediately.

5. We… reckon on him.

6. You… polish the bearing surface more carefully.

7. You… be careful with acids.

8. When… we come back?

9. You… not have paid all at once.

10. Someone… have taken it.


IV. Use corresponding mood form instead of the verbs in brackets.

1. He wished to know if his instructions (carry) out.

2. It was impossible that Bart (buy) pictures.

3. She was afraid that he (see) her.

4. Don’t you think it’s time you (get) a job?

5. I (be) grateful if you (keep) the news to yourself.

6. Many people ask themselves: “What I (do) differently if I (have) another chance?”

7. I wish I (have) a jeep, that’s all.

8. I wish you (not be) so horrid, Willy, just when I am so miserable.

9. I was suggested that we (stay) where we were till it was light.

10. I wish I (can) go round the world.


V. Translate these sentences from Ukrainian into English.

1. Хіба ви не могли підшукати мені більш цікаву книгу?

2. Не може бути ніякого сумніву в тому, що він найпідходяща людина для цієї посади.

3. Ми повинні звернути увагу на його молодість та недосвідченість.

4. В гарну погоду він завжди їздив на роботу велосипедом.

5. Англійський клімат може бути дуже суворим взимку.

6. Машина ніяк не працює без будь-якої причини.

7. Зазвичай він працював по 6-7 годин без перерви.

8. Вам відмовлять! Ось побачите!

9. Вам чути, що він каже?

10. Куди мені поставити цю шафу?


VI. Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentence

1. The meeting will be held____ Thursday.

(A) of (B)in (C)for (D)on

2. If the delivery is late, we____ the shipping charges.

(A)paid (B)will pay (C)have paid (D)are paying

3. We cannot process the order____ we get a copy of the purchase order.

(A)because (B) that (C) until (D) when

4. The visitors will be arriving ____ the office in twenty minutes.

(A)at (B)with (C)into (D)for

5. Please, use the ____envelope for your reply.

(A)is enclosed (B)enclosed (C)enclosing (D)enclosed

6. Mr. Murrah depends on his assistant for ____.

(A)advise (B)adverse (C)advice (D)adversity

7. The package should arrive_____ Tuesday.

(A)in (B) on (C)cover (D)at

8. The newspaper expects circulation_____ next year.

(A) to ascend (B)to increase (C)to escalate (D)to raise

9. Using a checklist is an ____ way to make plans.

(A)affective (B)effect (C)effectiveness (D)effectively

10.The food has been ordered, ____ it has not arrived.

(A)or (B)since (C)because (D)but

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