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Rectors, higher education, national school, fields of study, education, standards, abilities, integration, take into account, state policy, principles, space

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1) Every institution has several departments specializing in various… .

2) Higher educational establishments are headed by … .

3) The republic is reforming its system of … today with the aim of creating an independent, qualitatively new …, corresponding to International … .

4) The government guarantees each citizen the right to education according to his … .

5) It trains specialists at all levels of … over a wide range of fields of study.

6) Curricula and programs … both specific features of the national system of higher education and necessity of its … to the world’s educational space.

7) The national system of higher education is based on the … of … in the field of education.

6. Translate from Russian into English:

Для абитуриента выбор факультета является поступком, первичнo задающим цель собственной жизни. Ошибки и просчеты, допущенные молодым человеком при выборе специальности, имеют довольно высокую цену. Для части абитуриентов неудача при поступлении на желанный факультет является стрессом и часто оценивается как жизненный кризис. «Счастливчики» - те молодые люди, которые продемонстрировали довольно высокий уровень знаний и умений в стрессовых ситуациях экзаменов, - зачисляются на первый курс.




1. Transform as in the models:

Mоde1 1: to educate people — education of people

to found the university, to regulate the studies, to examine students, to appoint the tutors;

Mоde1 2: degree of a bachelor — bachelor's degree

degree of a master, life of the students, parents of a student, the report of the scientist;

Mоde1 3: Department of Education — Education Department

centres of research, history of the University, School of Management.



2. Choose a or the or no article in the following sentences:


1) … first-year students of our University have … lot of things to do.

2) If you are not … university student at … age of 18, you have to go to … army to serve.

3) After I leave … school, I want to go to … University.

4) … women are often better teachers than … men.

5) … friend of yours is now having classes at … University.

6) … lecture was interesting on … whole.

7) I go to … University in … morning.

8) How many people go to … university in your country?

9) Nick left …. University without doing his exams.

10) You had … difficult text to translate and you did not take … trouble to consult … dictionary.

11) He is … student you wanted to speak to.

12) It is … translation from … English.

13) … two students entered … room.


3. Give adjectives corresponding to the following nouns:


illiteracy, science, education, qualification, experience, pro­gress, ignorance, diligence, ability, competition, industry


4. Insert articles to the following sentences:


They have come to Minsk from many towns of Belarus to acquire knowledge. ...Department of Marketing is very popular with... students. It trains highly qualified specialists. ... curriculum is on … level of ... latest scientific achievements. ... educational plan also includes higher mathematics and philosophy and other subjects. At …the end of their studies ... students prepare their graduation theses. Lectures are given in large auditoriums, whereas practical studies are held in smaller groups.

Scientific circles have been organized for ... students to do scientific work on ... chosen theme in ... subjects in which they specialize. In making their reports ... students as ... rule first select and discuss…theme with their tutor. They have all... opportunities to enlarge knowledge and these study circles will help them in their future occupations.

5. Give adjectives corresponding to the following nouns:


illiteracy, science, education, qualification, experience, pro­gress, ignorance, diligence, ability, competition, industry

6. Fill in the missing prepositions:

1. All the children in our country have the right ... education. 2. Thousands ... part-time students study ... correspondence. 3. Before the examination we had consultations ... grammar. 4. What are you working ... now? 5. I am preparing a report... the new achieve­ments ... our science ... the field ... linguistics. 6. Nina was ill ... over a month, but she caught up ... the group and did not fail ... her exams. 7. When will you take your test ... literature? 8. My eldest sister studies ... the Pedagogical institute, ... the English department. She makes progress ... all her subjects and now she has a fairly good command ... the English language. 9. He is a very capable student. He is especially good ... sums. 10. His son graduated ... the BSEU and became an economist. 11. The audience was listening ... the lecture ... microeconomics ... interest. 12. The right ... education is guaranteed ... the Constitution ... the Republic of Belarus.

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