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А) About Parents and Family

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Words and expressions.

1. family

2. sense of stability and tradition

3. support and understanding

4. “My home is my castle”

5. “East or West, home is best”

6. wise

7. to feel lost

17. to feel safe

18. nothing can discourage me

19. parents are frank and honest with their children

20. to learn how to form relationship among the equals

21. consist of

8. to be strong both in body and character

9. to be generous and full of joy

10. to be very busy

11. to have little time for private life

12. a good professional

13. a woman of character

22. to be well-bread

23. to be warm-hearted

24.to have a thin face

25.to have grey eyes

26. to have a snub nose

27. to have curly ash-blond long hair

14. to be married

15. to have a family of (her, his) own

16. to be funny and curious

28. remote relatives

29. to do the house work

30. to live in Belarus

31. from time to time


Relations by birth: parents (father, mother), child (children), son, daughter, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, grandparents (grandmother, grandfather), grandchildren, cousin..

Relations by marriage: husband, wife, mother-in-law, stepmother.

Marital status: married, unmarried, single, divorced, widowed, bachelor.

Sex: male, female.

Occupations:lawyer, engineer, computer operator, housewife, businessman

(-woman), economist, accountant, secretary, security guard, salesman (- woman), office clerk.


I believe that everything has its beginning in the family. Family is very important for every person, because it gives you a sense of stability and tradition, a feeling of having a support and understanding. The English say “My home is my castle” or “East or West, home is best” and I’m sure these sayings are very wise. There are moments in our life when one feels lost and nothing is left but a deep sigh. But I feel safe, the little world within my family is perfect, and nothing can discourage me now. When I’m discouraged, I come to my parents. I tell them my feelings and ask them to help me understand why I’m depressed. In happy families parents are frank and honest with their children, they treat their children without moralizing them all the time and children learn how to form relationship among their equals.

My family consists of my father, my mother and my sister. My father’s name is Ivan Petrovich. He is 47 years old. He is strong both in body and character. He is generous and full of joy. He can make different things with his own hands. At present he is a director of a large plant. He is very busy, always concentrated on his work and has little time for private life.

My mother’s name is Irina Ivanovna. She is an economist. She is very interested in her work; she is a good professional. My mother is a woman of character, well-bread , tactful and fair. She is warm-hearted and at the same time practical. She has got a thin oval attractive face, grey eyes and a snub nose, curly ash-blond long hair. She does all the housework; we try to help her.

Mum understands me in the way no other person would and she means a lot to me.

My sister Mary is about 25. She is married. She has a family of her own. She has two sons. The boys are funny and curious.

I have many remote relatives: two grandmothers, aunts and cousins. All of them live in Belarus and we get together from time to time.

That’s all I can say about my family. If you have any questions you are welcome.


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