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  5. Object pascal
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қң, - әң - , - үң .

ғ ң 3 ү .

  1. өң ү ө -қң ө қ, қ ә қ ғ .

: We signed contracts if they gave us a good discount. i қ ң , -қ қ ққ.

We sign contracts if they give us a good discount. қ ң , - қ қ қ.

We shall sign contracts if they give us a good discount. қ ң , - қ қ қ .


қ: Құ өif ,when ә . . қ ұқ , ң ө қ қ..


Put inwhenorif.


1.Dont worry______Im late tonight.

2. Tom might phone while Im out this evening._____he does, can you take a message.

3.Im going to Rome next week. ______Im there, I hope to visit a friend of mine.

4.I think Jill will get the job,Ill be very surprised_____she doesnt get it.

5.Im going shopping. ____you want anything, I can get it for you.

6.Im going away for a few days. Ill phone you ____I get back.

7.I want you to come to the party but ____you dont to come, thats all right.

8.We can eat at home or,____you prefer, we can go to a restaurant.

9.Well go out____it stops raining.

10.____they dont come soon, Im not going to wait.


2. өң 2 ү қ ә қ - қң

- ү .


We should sign contracts if they gave us a good discount. қ ң , - қ қ қ . ө should ә would ( - would) ә ң ү ңқ ө ө қ қ. To be ө ic- ққ , ө wereқ қ қ.

If I were you I would invite the businessmen to a restaurant. : ң ң , ғ қ .


Translate the following sentences and mind the grammar:


1 If you were in my position,what would you do?

2.If I were you , I wouldnt buy that coat.

3. If I were rich, I would have a yacht.

4.If I were you, I wouldnt wait. I would go now.`

5. If you didnt live so far away, wed visit you more often.

6.If he spoke more clearly, people would understand him.

7.If the book wasnt so expensive, Id buy it.

8.If I knew his number, I would phone him.

9.We would need a car if we lived in the country.

10.You could get a job more easily if you could speak a foreign language.


2. өң 3- ү ө ic-ku , ө - қ ө қ . ө should ә would Present Perfect, ңқ ө - Past Perfect- қ. : We should have signed the contract if they had given us a good discount. қ ң , - қ қ қ .


Wish ққ.

I wish құ өң ө:

) Past Indefinite қ қ.

I wish he were with us. ң ғ қ ө. (ң ғ қ ).


I wish I knew it. ң қ ө. ( ).


2.Past Perfect қ қ.

I wish he had stayed at home. ң ү қғ қ ө.

Write sentences beginning I wish:


1I dont have a key(and I need one). I wish_____.

2I dont know many people (and Im lonely).________

3.Ann isnt here (and I need to see her).________

4.Its cold (and I hate cold weather).________

5.I live in a big city(and I dont like it).________

6.I cant go to the party(and Id like to).________

7.I have to work tomorrow(but Id like to stay in bed)._______

8.I dont know anything about cars(and my car has just broken down)._______________________

9.Im not lying on a beautiful sunny beach (and thats a pity).________

10. I dont know French well (and I need to learn it)._________

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