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I.Translate the text into Ukraine

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If you have an account at a bank and you want to pay money to someone, you write a cheque. This is an order to the bank to pay money to someone from your account. You can write a cheque on anything (a man once wrote a cheque on a cow and the bank paid the money), but banks give standard cheque forms to customers who have accounts (account holders).

For example today is 23 March. You want to pay "Household Designs Ltd" £100, but you only have £50 in your account. You will have enough money in your account next week, so you write a later date on the cheque (e.g. 31 March). This is called post-dating a cheque. It is now a post-dated cheque. The bank will not accept it before the date written.

Suppose Nick Dawson gave Anne Bell (the payee) a cheque for £10. Anne wanted to pay Tom Rowe £10. On the back of Nick's cheque she wrote, "Pay Tom Rowe or order" and then she signed her name. This is called endorsing a cheque. The cheque is endorsed to Tom Rowe. It is possible to endorse a cheque because of the words

"or oder" written on the front. This means the cheque is negotiable.
Some shops do not like taking cheques because the customer might be dishonest. Banks give most account-holders a guarantee card (also called a cheque card or a banker's card) which they sign. The shop assistant compares the signatute on the cheque and on the card and writes the guarantee card number on the back of the cheque. The bank guarantees payment (up to £50) even if the account holder does not have enough money in his/her account at the time.

II. Answer the questions.
1. In what case canyou write a cheque?
2. For what can you write a cheque on?

3.What kind of cheque do the banks give to customers?
4. What kind of cards do the banks give to the account-holders?
5. What do the shop assistant have to compare?

III. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense form.
1.One night a little swallow (to fly) over the city. 2.His friends (to fly) away to Egypt six weeks before. 3.What you (to do) these three months? 4.When you (to see) him last? 5. I met him when he (to walk) across the park heading for home. 6.Don't enter the bedroom! The child (to sleep) there. 7.What you (to do) when I came in? 8.On checking up his answers he found out that he (to make) several mistakes. 9. You told us that you (to translate) this text by tomorrow. 10.They (to reach) the corner of the street by now.

IV . Test. 1. The television news ... at ten o'clock. a) is b)are c) have d)has
2.This painting is ... than the one in your living room. a) impressive b) less impressive c) the least impressive d)impressiver
3. They... with friends at the moment. a) stay b) have been staying c) had stayed d) are staying
4. I am sorry but this room ... now. a) is being occupied b) were occupied c) will occupy d) occupy
5. What will you do if your computer... work? a) won't b) don't c) doesn’t d) couldn’t 6. I leave the office half an hour earlier today? a) Will b)May c)Am d)Have
7.Ann wants you ... to her birthday party. a) to invite b) to be invited c) invite d) invited
8.Experts say that... are the lungs of our planet. a) streets b)gardens c)forest d)plants
9.Find a mistake: Martin lived in a small room where he was sleeping, studied, wrote and cooked his meals. a) lived b) was sleeping c) cooked d) meals
10.Every time I ring him up he is not at home. a)Щоразу, коли я йому телефоную, його немає вдома. b)Щогодини я йому телефоную, а його немає вдома c)Щоразу, коли його немає вдома, я йому телефоную. d)Я йому телефоную щоразу, але його немає вдома
V. Insert preposition where necessary.

1 He was ill ... a week and ... that week his wife never left his side. 2. Aren't you coming ... us? ~ No, I'm waiting ... Tom. ~ But he won't be ready ... some time. ~ I'm not ... a hurry. I'll wait till he's ready. 3. I'm very sorry ... being late. It was good ... you to wait ... me. 4. Passengers may leave bulky articles ... the stairs ... the conductor's permission, but the bus company will not be respon­sible ... such articles.

5. Remember to be ... good time ... the opera because if you're late they won't let you ......the end ... the act. 6 I want two seats ... Romeo and Juliet ... Friday night.
7. ... spite ... the heat he refused to take ... his coat.
8. He was wounded ... the shoulder ... a bullet fired ... an upstairs window.
9. While ... their way from the coast ... the mountains they were attacked ... a jaguar. 10. What platform does the train ... York leave ...? ~ Platform 8, and you'd better hurry. It'll be leaving ... a min­ute.




I.Translate the dialogue into Ukraine.

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