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I.Translate the dialogue into Ukraine. DISCUSSING PRICES AND TERMS OF PAYMENT(Ukrimport was interested in bying pumps from Bond and Co

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(Ukrimport was interested in bying pumps from Bond and Co.
After Mr Stanley and Mr Petrenko had discussed the time of shipment,the terms of delivery and the number of pumps they starteddiscussing the price and terms of payment.)

Stanley Good morning, Mr Petrenko.

Petrenko Good morning, Mr Stanley.

Stanley Happy to meet you again.

Petrenko The pleasure is mine.

Stanley Sunny morning, isn't it?

Petrenko Yes, it's beautiful.

Stanley The weather will keep fine, I hope.

Petrenko I hope so too.

Stanley Good weather is a good way to start business, isn't it?

Petrenko That's right. Let's get down to business then. I'd like to start with the prices. Mr Stanley, I'm sorry to say it is not acceptable to us. You have quoted a very high price.

Stanley Oh, £ 4. per unit is quite a reasonable price. As you know we have improved the model. And besides the price includes export packing.

Petrenko Yes, we know that. But we also know that the prices on the world market for this type of pumps are lower than yours.

Stanley But the quality of our pumps is higher and we've delivered a lot of pumps to different countries of the world at that price.

Petrenko And still, Mr Stanley, we find the price a bit high. I'd like to stress that it's our trial order with your company and if we are satisfied with our transaction you can expect repeat orders from us.

Stanley Well, the only thing we can do is to give you a discount of 2% off the value of the contract.

Petrenko Fine. That settles the price problem.
Stanley And how about the manner of payment? I hope payment by a letter of credit against shipping documents suits you, doesn't it?

Petrenko Yes, it does.

Stanley Good. You are to open a L /C (letter of credit) with the National Bank of Ukraine after our Notification of Readiness of the goods for shipment.

Petrenko All right. One more thing, Mr Stanley. Our people would like to visit your manufacturing plant, if possible.

Stanley No problem. We can easily arrange it and I myself will take you here.

Petrenko Thank you, Mr Stanley.

Stanley Thank you, Mr Petrenko. We are looking forward toestablishing

good business relations with your company.

II. Answer the questions.
1. Why was Ukrimport interested in the pumps of Bond and Co?

2. Why were Bond and Co interested in doing business with Ukrimport?

3. Why did Bond and Co improve the model?

4. Why did Bond and Co give a discount to the Buyers?

5. Why did Mr Petrenko want to visit the manufacturing plant?


III.Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense form.
1. We will turn the TV off when our guests (come).
2. (watch) TV is my way of relaxing.
3. As soon as my brother (finish) school he is going to join the army. 4. I've always enjoyed (meet) new people.
5. I haven't seen John since we both (leave) college.
6. I haven't decided yet but I (think) of setting up my own business.
7. An accident? No, I (not see) anything. I (listen) to Chopin al evening 8. You ever (work) as interpreter? — Yes, that is what I (do) for the last five months.
9. They (make up) their quarrel? — I don't know. I only know that they (not be) on speaking terms since September.
10. Our pilot (ask) for permission to take off for ten minutes already, but he (get) no answer yet.


1. She’ll be home by … winter.
a) the b) - c) a d) an
2. Are you Ms. Julia of … Browns everybody is talking about these days?
a) the b) - c) a d) an
3. Put … on their place.
a) scissors b) scissores c) a scissor d) the scissor
4. Melanie did … work in the whole class.
a) less b) the least c) little d) small
5. Victor … any mistakes in the text, did he?
a) didn’t make b) made c) had made d) hadn’t made
6. Silvia …English at the moment.
a) learns b) is learning c) has learnt d) was learnt
7. Look! The boy … the window!
a) break b) was breaking c) broke d) has broken
8. I … at the plant for 45 years!
a) have been working b) has been working c) had been working d)will have been working

9. Find a mistake.
Hedon`t read English books in the original.
a)He b) don`t c) read d)original.

10. Iron comparatively with polymers is non-flammable.
a) Залізо, у порівнянні із полімерами, є нетоксичним. b) У порівнянні із полімерами, залізо – не горить. c) Залізо, у порівнянні із полімерами, є негорючим. d) Залізо, у порівнянні із полімерами, є негорючою речовиною.

V. Insert preposition where necessary. 1. He won £100 and gave it all ... .
2. Put ... the clock, it is twenty minutes fast.
3. Riding is getting too expensive; I'll have to give it ... .
4. I'll put ... my visit to the Royal Mint till you can come with me.
5. The roads were crowded with people making ... the coast.
6. He gave ... all the books he had borrowed.
7. She had invited me to dinner but had to put me ... as she was taken ill.
8. I can't make ... the postmark on the letter; it looks like Basingstoke.
9. Put ... the light it's getting quite light again.
10. After four days of freedom, the escaped prisoner gave himself ... to the police.




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