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I.Translate the dialogue into Ukraine

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(Jean has just moved into a new house. Her neighbour, Liz, has come over to welcome her.)


Jean I 'am very glad to see You here.

Liz How do you like the new place?

Jean It`s marvelous. I am sure we are going to love living here.

Liz Well, have a look, here it's a shopping guide for the neighbourhood and a booklet of discount coupons. New neighbours always receive them. There is one coupon for every store in this shopping guide.

Jean Oh,thank you. It's come in time. I have a lot of shopping to do.

Liz I can imagine, having just moved in. Not far from here there is a very good shopping center. You can also find a huge supermarket, a drugstore, some department stores in the neighbourhood.

Jean Great. Are there any small stores nearby?

Liz Oh, yes. The map is right here in the shopping guide. There is a little drugstore a few blocks away, a little grocery store next to it, a little boutique, an ice-cream parlor, a pizza place. You can find a plant store not far from here too.

Jean Are there any good discount houses nearby? We terribly need a new toaster. Everybody in my family likes toasts for breakfasts very much. I'd like to buy it.

Liz Oh, sure. There is a good discount store in the shopping centre. If you like, I`ll come with you.

Jean Oh, you needn't. I don't want to trouble you.

Liz No trouble at all. I'd like to do some shopping too. If you go to the discount center I can go to that little cheese shop. I don't want to bother you.

Jean It's no bother at all. Make out your shopping list and I'll be your guide. By the way, you can use your discount coupon for the toaster.

Liz I am sure you'll buy a good one.

Jean Well, it'll take some time to make a shopping list. I'll have to buy a lot at the grocer's.

Liz This is a good idea. I should have gone shopping yesterday, so I'll make up my list too.

Jean By the way, I like your dress very much. It's a perfect fit. Where did you buy it, if you don't mind my asking?

Liz Thank you for the compliment. I got it at a very nice little boutique. It's a bit expensive, but there are many interesting and original things. If you are interested we can stop there.

Jean I'm afraid I can't. I have to cook dinner.

Liz Oh, don't trouble yourself with the dinner. Look over the coupons I've given you. You can go out to dinner at a discount store.

II. Answer the questions.
1. What kind of shops in this country do you know?

2. What shops are situated not far from your house?

3. What goods can be bought there?

4. What specific features do channels of distribution have in this country?

5. What reforms does this country need to гecognize the channels of distribution?

III.Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense form.
1. Stop (make) that terrible noise.
2. Don't shout unless you (want) to be arrested.

3. Look! It's Francis! I (not see) him for ages.
4. I (fall) asleep when somebody (break) the glass in our front door.
5. No one ever (speak) to me like that.
6. We normally (live) with our parents but for these two months we. (live) in our aunt's flat.
7. I (wait) for them for an hour now. I can't wait any longer.
8. Research (show) that lots of people (absorb) new information more efficiently at some times of day than at others.
9. I just (look) at the barometer and (see) that it (fall) very quickly.
10. Father (not finish) work and he hates if anybody (make a noise) while he (work)

IV. Test.
1. It happened in …spring of 1994.
a) the b) - c) a d) an
2. This wasn`t … London he left thirty years ago.
a) the b) - c) a d) an
3. … is too short to worry about trifles.
a) Life b) A life c) The life d) lives
4. My … sister got married last year.
a) older b) elder c) the oldest d) the eldest
5. In Britain most of the shops usually … at 5.30 p.m.
a) closes b) close c) have closed d) shall close
6. Where is Robert? … a shower?
a) Does he have b) Has he c) has he got d) Is he having
7. My brother is an actor. He … in several films.
a) has appeared b) has been appeared c) has been appearing d) had appeared
8. He … this fence for a long time.
a) has been painting b) painted c) will paint d) had painted
9.Find a mistake.
Her father teach History at ourschool.
a) Her b) teach c) our d) school.
10. Він запитав, чи поїде вона влітку на узбережжя.
a) He asked her if she will go to the seaside in summer.
b) He had asked her if she is going to the seaside in summer.
c) He asked her if she would go to the seaside in summer.
d) He asked her would she go to the seaside in summer.

V. Insert preposition where necessary.

1. Is Mary in? ~ No, she's ... and won't be ... till nine o'clock.
2. What shall we do now? ~ I'm ... keeping quiet and saying nothing.
3. If you got ...... your work instead of talking you'd be fin­ished in half the time.
4. He promised to act as chairman, so I'm afraid he can't get ......it now. There's no one else to do it.
5. She wants to do all the work herself but I don't think she is.....it. 6. He leaves his car at a parking meter for over two hours and always gets ...... it. (is never caught) When I do that, I am fined.
7. I don't think they'll be ... yet. It's only five o'clock in the morning.
8. They didn't want the news of their engagement to get ... till it was officially announced.
9. The office closes early on Fridays and we get ... at five o'clock instead of six.
10. If you don't give the children something to do, they'll be ...... some mischief.


I.Translate the dialogue into Ukraine.


(Dick is introducing a new line of products and is talking to his friend Tom, a business consultant, about it.)

Dick It's the first time when I'm in business for myself.

Tom Don't worry. The store has always been doing well. It has a great location and as far as your new line of merchandise...

Dick That's what I wanted to talk to you about. Can you give some ideas how to charge the prices?

Tom With pleasure. Generally, there are two types of pricing policies. There is price emphasis and price de-emphasis.
Dick What's the difference?

Tom The price emphasis policy emphasizes low prices. This encourages sales. But low price doesn't give extra services.

Dick So, a really low price means no credit, home delivery, repair, installation and other services.

Tom That's what I mean. But many people are interested only in the low price and not in the extra services.

Dick Yes, and vice versa. The price which I set determines the number of sales. I must think thoroughly about it.

Tom A good example of price emphasis is loss-leader pricing. It means that you choose one item — let's say an electric razor — at a price just above the cost. The customers will come to your shop to buy this loss-leader item. But since

they are inside they can decide to buy a few other things they need.

Dick It sounds interesting. What other things can you tell?

Tom There is also off-even pricing. Let's say you sell a tape recorder for $ 69.95 instead of $ 70.00. Though it is in fact about the same, the low price can produce a favourable psychological effect.

Dick What are the other ways to attract the customers?

Tom First of all, remember that you are going to compete with well-known products, so you should start with specially low prices. It's important to advertise this. You should use newspaper aids, maybe a radio spot, maybe do a big window and floor display.

Dick It makes sense.

Tom And you can raise the price after your customers try a new brand, get to know it and like it. They will continue to buy it.

Dick I see. And what is the price de-emphasis you mentioned before?

Tom It concerns high quality expensive items. Price de-emphasis means that you don't call attention to the price at all.

Dick I know, it concerns our fine jewelry department or designer fashions.

Tom Yes, I see you are going to do very well.

Dick Your suggestions seem to be very useful. Don't forget you have a discount on any shopping you do in my shop.

Tom In such a case I'll be back tomorrow with my wife.


II. Answer the questions.
1. In what way were the prices charged in this country?

2. What is your idea of the term market price?

3. What type of pricing policy works with the majority of consumer

goods? (price emphasis, price de-emphasis).

4. What is more preferable for you in pricing: low prices with no extra

services or high prices with home delivery, repair and other services?

5. Why is it so important to have loss-leader item in a shop?


III.Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense form.
1. Jim ought (learn) languages if he (want) to get a job with an international company. 2. Don't phone me at 8:00 - I (watch) BONANZA then.
3. My birthday (fall) on a Saturday next year. 4. Last month the president announced that his office (expand).
5. "It's midnight! Where you (be)?" "I (test) the new pub on the corner."
6. I couldn't see what everybody (stare) at.
7. They were afraid of (jump) off the high wall. 8. I (try) to get into contact with them for a long time, but now I (give) it up as hopeless. 9.My shortsighted uncle (lose) his spectacles. We (look) for them everywhere but we can't find them.
10. She (be) of great help to us since she (live) for such a long time with us.

IV. Test.
It`s been one of … coldest autumns for years.
a) the b) - c) a d) an
2. “ Florence will never, never, never be … Dombey”, said Mrs. Chic.
a) the b) - c) a d) an
3. I am fond of milk flavoured with … .
a) chocolate b) a chocolate c) the chocolate d) chocolates
4. John spends … money on clothes than Susan does.
a) little b) less c) the least d) small
5. I have a car, but I … it very often
a) don`t use b) do use c) am not using d) didn`t use
6. At this time tomorrow we … over the Atlantic.
a) flies b) shall be flying c) fly d) flied
7. I … Tom for three days.
a) didn`t see b) haven`t seen c) hadn`t seen d) don`t see
8. My secretary … the report for five hours.
a) has been typing b) types c)has typed d) will type
9. Find a mistake.
Theyspendhis holidays in the country.
a)They b)spend c) his d) in
10. In ancient times chemical knowledge was purely practical
a) В стародавні часи знання хімії було чисто практичним.
b) В стародавні часи знання хімії було здебільшого практичним.
c) У середні віки знання хімії було чисто практичним.
d) В стародавні часи вживання хімії було чисто практичним.

V. Insert preposition where necessary.
1. He broke ... completely on hearing of his daughter's death.
2. He wasn't rich by any means, but he never turned ... anyone who needed help.
3. On his way to work he called ... the florist's and ordered a dozen red roses.
4. Burglars broke ... the house and stole some jewellery. 5. I turned ... (refused] the job because it was badly paid.
6. We called ... a specialist when he grew worse.
7. When the police questioned him he broke ... and con­fessed.
8. Turn ... the radio if you're not listening.
9. War broke ... in 1939.
10. The secretary was then called ... to read the minutes.


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