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The monkey detective

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  2. Detective story — детективный рассказ adventure story — приключенческий рассказ to move — переезжать
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A merchant goes to Calcutta on some business. He takes with him a large sum of money and some valuable jewels. A monkey, of which he is very fond, also travels with him. Some thieves decide to attack and to rob merchant. On a lonely part of the road they catch him, murder him and take his things. Then they throw the body into a dry well, cover it over with leaves and go away. All this time the monkey is watching them from the tree. When the murderers are out of sight, the monkey goes to the magistrate's house and is crying and moaning and finally makes the magistrate follow him to the well. The magistrate brings some men with him, and one of them goes down into the well where the body of the murdered man is found. The monkey then leads them to the bazaars, and as soon as he sees one of the murderers he runs at him and bites him in the leg. The magistrate's servants come and seize the man. In this way all the murderers are detected by the monkey. They are all caught and punished accordingly.

(202 words)

5.6.3.Answer the questions in 5.6.1. (Books closed.)

Listening practice

5.7.1. Look at the following questions. You'll have to answer them after listening to the text.

1. Where's Jack?

2. What's he doing?

3. Why can't Mrs Taylor help Thomas?

4. What's Mr Taylor doing?

5. Who's Kate phoning to?

6. Why is Thomas asking a lot of questions?

5.7.2. Listen to the dialogues.

5.7.3. Try to answer the questions in 5.7.1.

5.7.4. Look through the list of words. They will help you to understand the text.

date — человек, с которым назначено свидание

horror film — фильм ужасов

5.7.5. Listen to the text. Be ready to give the contents of it in Russian.

5.7.6. Tell the contents of the text in Russian.

Time for fun

5.8.1.Read and translate the jokes.

1. JUDGE: Was the prisoner sober?

WITNESS: No, Sir. He was drunk as a judge.

JUDGE: You mean, «drunk as a lord», of course.

WITNESS: Yes, my lord.

The witness confused the idioms «sober as a judge» — трезвый, как судья; and «drink as a lord» — пьяный, как черт.

2. JUDGE: Prisoner, what can you say to your justification?

PRISONER: I beg you to take into considera­tion the fact that my lawyer is very young, sir.

justification — оправдание

take into consideration — принять во внимание

? *5.8.2. Try to solve the riddles:

1. What comes twice a moment, once a minute and never in a hundred years?

2. What relation is that child to its father, that is not its father's own son?

? 5.8.3. Can you solve this magic square in 2 minutes?

1. He or she goes to school every day.

2. People ought to read it every day.

3. Another word for «great, big».


Фонетика: sounds [O], [þ]

Словообразование: суффиксы существительных -аnсе (-еnсе); -су, суффикс прилагательных -ful; конвер­сия.

Грамматика: прошедшее время Simple Past, насто­ящее совершенное Present Perfect, прошедшее время модальных глаголов. Текст: «John's composition»

Sound right

6.1.1. Listen, look, say:

on off sorry call

odd ox waffle golf

dog clock coffee sol

gone loss orange vol

fog moth opera loll

lob want horror Pol

lodge watch porridge polka

6.1.2. Listen, look, say:

1. Jog on.

2. What a swat!

3. Not for toffies!

4. Possibly not.

5. Upon my honour!

6. What a lot of nonsense!

7. John's dog got lost.

8. Hob and nob, Doc.

9. Poll's gone to the wrong shop.

10. Watch Dob's dog jump.

11. Will you be gone long, John?

12. Dot wants an office-job.

13. Dod's gone off to play golf.

14. Was it not possible to stop Tom?

15. Rod often got into hot water.

6.1.3.Listen and look. Pay attention to the difference between [O] and [ö]


1. T-s-s. The boss is on the bus.

2. But the boss doesn't come by bus.

1. Well, this is a bus and that's the boss.

2. Oh, yes at the front.

1. U-m-m. Next to Molly Monk.


1. What's wrong?

2. Nothing is wrong.

1. Something is wrong.

2. It's nothing much.

1. What's the trouble? Has John come?

2. U-m-m. Come and gone.

6.1.4. Listen, look, say. Pay attention to the intonation.

6.1.5. Read the dialogues in parts.

6.1.6. Listen, look, say:

or awed ought all order

bore board bought ball autumn

saw sawed support hall author

thaw thawed thought call daughter

tore toward taught tall morning

6.1.7. Listen, look, say:

1. All aboard!

2. Draw in your claws.

3. All the more so.

4. To cut a long story short.

5. It's all your fault.

6. Forewarned is forearmed.

7. George always talks horse.

8. Cora adores small talk.

9. Gordon always puts the cart before the horse.

10. Norton is forcing an open door.

6.1.8. Listen and look. Pay attention to the difference between [э] and [э:].


1. I've bought a dog, Polly.

2. What sort of dog, Paul?

1. Oh, just an ordinary dog, Polly.

2. What's it called?

1. Oh, it's got just an ordinary name.

2. Is it called Spot?

1. No-it's called ... Polly.


1. It's a sort of hog, isn't it? But it's got four horns!

2. I caught it not far from the cottage, actually.

1. Well, you ought to tell me what it is.

2. It's a ... wart-hog.

1. A wart-hog! Oh! Mm... er... And what will you call your wart-hog?

2. I shall call it — Horace.

6.1.9.Listen, look, say. Pay attention to the intonation.

6.1.10. Read the dialogues in pairs.

* 6.1.11. Try to read the tongue-twisters as fast as you can. Pay attention to:

1. the sound [þ]

Of all the saws I ever saw saw.

I never saw a saw as this saw saws.

a saw — пила

to saw — пилить

2. the sound [O]

Mr Shott and Mr Nott agreed to fight a duel. Nott was shot and Shott was not, so it is better to be Shott than Nott. Shott and not Nott shot the shot that shot Nott. If the shot that Shott shot which shot Nott had shot Shott and not Nott, Shott instead of Nott would have been shot and Nott would not.

3. the difference between [O] — [ö]— [{]

Betty Botta bought a bit o'butter. «But», she said, «this butter's bitter. If I put it in my batter it will make my batter bitter». So Betty Botta bought a bit o'better butter and put it in her bitter batter, which made Betty Botta's batter a bit better.

bought (past) — to buy — покупать

a bit— немного

butter — масло

bitter — горький

batter — тесто

6.2. Word-building:

(-ance), (-cy), (-ful)

6.2.1. Give Russian equivalents to the following nouns with suffix -ance (ence):

preference, resemblance, resistance, patience, in­nocence, significance, difference, independence, influence, insurance.

6.2.2. Make nouns with suffix -cy. Give their Russian equivalents:

sufficient, frequent, efficient, constituent, su­preme, extravagant; agent, aristocrat, advocat.

6.2.3. Give antonyms to the following adjectives with suffix -less, using suffix -ful. Translate them into Russian:

meaningless, careless, cheerless, useless, thought­less, lawless, harmless, powerless, shameless, taste­less.

6.2.4. Answer the following questions:

1. Do you find physical exercises useful?

2. Does your father (mother) look youthful?

3. What thoughtful persons do you know?

4. Is the room you live in cheerful?

5. What sort of activities are wasteful?

6.2.5. Translate into Russian without using a dictionary.

1. No whys. There will be time for that later.

2. He promised to better himself.

3. He is always in the thick of things.

4. John has no say in the matter.

5. I don't know how to word it.

6. Sport is an excellent cure for my diseases.

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