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The man who escaped. 1. The motorbike was fast but the roads were icy

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(Episode 10)

1. The motorbike was fast but the roads were icy. Coke drove dangerously. He knew he had to. He had very little time. Around 2 o'clock in the morning he suddenly saw lights in his mirror. They were the headlights of police car. It came closer and closer and then suddenly speeded up. For several seconds, Coke and the car raced along side by side. The two policemen in the car were looking at him but they couldn't see his face clearly. Coke raised his hand and waved casually. Then, the car speeded up again. In a few seconds it was far ahead him. Coke raced towards London. He knew exactly where he wanted to go.

He reached London just before 6. He drove to a block of small flats not far from the river in the south east. There was a light on in one of the ground floor flats. He went to the window and tapped softly. He was still standing at the window when the back door opened. When he looked up, a woman was standing there. «Come in, Ted. I've been expecting you», she said very softly. «I haven't got any right to ask you for help», he said after a pause. «But there's nobody else you can go to, is there? You'd better come in», she answered calmly.

2. Baxter caught a very early train to London. When he got to Scotland Yard the Chief Inspector was waiting for him. When Baxter went into his office, he was sitting at his desk and looking at a photograph. «Perhaps it was a good thing you didn't catch Coke after all», he said suddenly. Baxter stared at him in surprise. «What do you mean, sir? I don't understand». «I have a picture here of a man who knew Coke in the army. He was also a witness at Coke's trial. I've been interested in the man for some time now. Perhaps we'll be able to find out more about him now that Coke's free», the Inspector said, and gave Baxter the photograph. «This is the man. Watch him. Follow him everywhere!» Baxter looked at the man in the photo carefully. It was Eric Masters.

3. «You really shouldn't help me, Kate. It's against the law», Coke said. He and the young woman were sitting in her kitchen. He was eating breakfast hungrily. Kate didn't say anything. «I mean, everybody thinks I'm a spy», he went on. «But I don't think so», she finally said. Coke finished his breakfast silently. Then he said, «You were the only person who ever believed I was innocent. That's why I came to you. Who else will help me?» «Help you to do what, Ted?» Kate asked. «Help me to find the real spies», he answered slowly.

10.5.2. Choose the correct answer. Don't use the text.

1. Coke saw the headlights...

a) of another motor bike behind him;

b) of another police car in front of him,

c) of another police car behind him.

2. Coke drove to a block of flats in...

a) the south east;

b) south west;

c) north east.

3. The Chief Inspector wanted Baxter...

a) to follow Coke everywhere;

b) to follow Masters everywhere;

c) to arrest Masters.

4. Coke came to Kate because...

a) he wasn't afraid of her;

b) she believed he was innocent;

c) she was brave.

10.5.3. Answer the teacher's questions. (Books closed.)

1. What did Coke see in his mirror?

2. Why did Coke wave his hand?

3. Where did Coke drive to when he got to London?

4. What did the woman say?

5. What photo was the Chief Inspector looking at?

6. Why was it a good thing they didn't catch Coke?

7. Why did Coke come to Kate?

8. What was Coke going to do?

10.5.4. Compose the plan for this part of the story.

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