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The man who escaped. 1. Kate led Coke to a table and then went to the bar to get their drinks

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(Episode 12)

1. Kate led Coke to a table and then went to the bar to get their drinks. «Masters isn't here», Coke said. «Surely you didn't expect to walk in and find him, just like that?» «No, I suppose not».

They had been there for over an hour. More people came in, but Masters was not among them. It was getting towards closing time when the barman came to their table. «May I take you empty glasses?» he asked politely. Coke touched him on his sleeve. «Does a man named Eric Masters ever come in here?» he asked. He did not notice the man standing at the bar who stared at him in the mirror when he mentioned Masters' name.

2. The barman thought for a second. «There's a man named Eric Masters who comes in here a lot. He's a military type. Is that who you mean?» he asked. Coke tried to sound casual when he asked his next question. «Has he been here today?» The barman nodded. «Yes, he was in this afternoon». «I don't suppose you know where I can find him now?» Coke said. «I'm afraid not. All I know about him is that he has an antique shop somewhere near Red Lion Square», he answered.

The barman was shouting «Last orders, please» when Coke and Kate left. Kate led him through the crowded, bright streets. When they got to Shaftesbury Avenue, Kate called a taxi. Neither she nor Coke noticed the man who was so close behind them in the crowd that he heard Kate say «Red Lion Square, please» to the driver. They did not see him get into a cab and follow them.

3. «Would you mind driving round the Square once?» Kate asked the driver. Red Lion Square was deserted. «It's obviously not on the square itself», Coke said. They got out the taxi, paid the driver and started exploring. There were antique shops on several of the side streets but Masters' name was not among the other names of the owners.

Half an hour later they were still looking. Kate kept glancing over her shoulder. She had the uncomfortable feeling that someone was following them but she couldn't see anybody.

«I don't like wandering round the dark streets at this hour», she said. «I don't like doing it, either, but what else can we do? We can't stop looking now. It might be our last chance». Coke answered. Suddenly something in the window of a shop across the road caught his eye. The street was very dark but the thing gleamed. It reflected the light of a passing car. They crossed the street. The thing was an old military sabre and it was in a window marked «Antique Weapons and Military Antiques». There were old pistols, helmets and other swords in the window. Coke became excited. «This must be it!» he said. There was no name on the window but there was a phone number on the door. Coke copied it down.

12.5.2. Choose the correct answer. Don't use the text.

1. When Coke asked the barman about Eric Masters...

a) the man at the bar stared at him;

b) the barman stared at him in surprise;

c) the barman looked at the man at the door bar.

2. When Kate and Coke took the taxi...

a) they noticed the man behind them;

b) the man followed them in a cab;

c) the man lost sight of them.

3. When Kate glanced over her shoulder...

a) she noticed the man following them;

b) she could not see anybody;

c) she saw the light of a passing car.

12.5.3. Answer the teacher's questions. (Books closed.)

1. What did Coke ask the barman about?

2. What didn't Coke notice?

3. What did they learn from barman about Masters?

4. What did the man who followed them do?

5. What was there on the side streets of the square?

6. Why did Kate keep glancing over her shoul­der?

7. What caught Coke's eye?

8. How was the window marked?

9. What was there in the window and on the door?

12.5.4. Compose the plan for this part of the story.

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