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The man who escaped. 1. Coke's mind went back to the time, five years earlier, when both he and Masters had been officers in the same Army Intelligence unit

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(Episode 15)

1. Coke's mind went back to the time, five years earlier, when both he and Masters had been officers in the same Army Intelligence unit. Masters had been Coke's superior. Several important military secrets had disappeared and they were both trying to find out who had taken them.

One evening Coke had gone, on Masters' orders, to a lonely place in Epping Forest. Masters had told him he would meet a possible informer there. While he was waiting, three men had grabbed him from behind. They had poured whisky all over him and down his throat and then hit him over the head.

2. When he came to he was back in his car, but it had crashed into a tree. The police had already arrived. It appeared that Coke had got drunk and lost control of his car. The police had found several files marked «Top Secret» in his car. Coke swore he had never seen them before. The police also found Coke had deposited more than 2,000 in his bank account a few weeks before. Coke had known nothing of the money. The bank said the cheques had arrived by post with Coke's countersigna-ture. Nobody believed Coke's story. It appeared he had sold secrets for money and was going to do so again the night he had crashed. Masters denied he had ever told Coke to go to Epping Forest. This is what Coke wanted to ask questions about now.

3. «Let's start at the beginning... when you sent me to Epping Forest that night», Coke said in a flat, cold voice.

«That was Hugo's idea. I had nothing to do with it».

«And who is Hugo?» Coke demanded.

«He sells government secrets to any foreign country that's interested. He made me give him information. I didn't want to».

«Why did you involve me in all this?»

«The police suspected someone. We wanted to make them think you were the spy. We knew they would if they found your dead body in a car after a crash with all sorts of secrets in it».

«My dead body?»

«Hugo thought the crash would kill you». Masters said.

«And why aren't you still in the army? You'd be a lot more useful to Hugo if you were», Coke went on.

«It became too dangerous. Anyway, he still uses me».

«How?» Coke asked.

«We hide microfilms of secret documents in the antique weapons I send abroad. The people we send them to pose as foreign collectors». Coke had one last question. It was the most important. «Where's Hugo now? Take me to him!»

15.5.2.Choose the correct answer. Don't use the text.

1. Masters had sent Coke to Epping Forest because...

a) he wanted him to meet the informer;

b) he wanted him to be killed;

c) he wanted him to receive some secret documents.

2. Nobody believed Coke because...

a) he was drunk;

b) the files had been found in his car;

c) he had sold secrets for money. 3. Hugo planned to kill Coke because...

a) he wanted the police think he was a spy;

b) he knew too many secrets;

c) police suspected him.

15.5.3. Answer the teacher's questions. (Books closed.)

1. What were Coke and Masters trying to do five years earlier?

2. What happened when Coke was waiting in Epping Forest?

3. What did the police find in the car and in the bank?

4. What did Coke find out about Hugo?

5. What did the criminals want police to think?

6. How did Hugo use Masters?

15.5.4. Try to tell the main events of this extract in 3-4 sentences.

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