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The man who escaped. 1. Hugo saw that Coke had come to

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(Episode 18)

1. Hugo saw that Coke had come to. Coke tried to get up but his hands were tied. His head hurt terribly. Hugo looked at him like a shark inspecting his dinner. «We would never have become suspicious if you hadn't used Master's white Jaguar», he said. «When we saw it parked halfway up the road, we decided to wait and see what would happen. Then, after we got you, we went out and got your girl-friend», he continued.

Coke knew he would never have made such a stupid mistake if he had not been so tired. He had not slept properly for days. He looked at Kate. «I'd never have got you into all this if I hadn't asked you for help», he said to her. He was trapped. It seemed there was nothing he could do and nobody who could help him. Hugo took out a revolver. «You'd never have bothered us again if I'd used this four years ago», he said. He came closer to Coke and aimed the revolver carefully at his head.

2. Suddenly there was a terrific crash as three police­men broke down the side door of the garage. Hugo turned round and gaped. «No, Hugo. Look up here!» a voice roared from the sky-light above. Suddenly, everybody stopped. Nobody made a move. Then Baxter dropped through the sky-light, which was still open, and onto the lorry and finally to the ground. Three more policemen followed him. Baxter walked over to Hugo. «Your revolver, please», he said simply. «I was only protecting my property», Hugo answered. «This man broke in. That girl helped him. Send him back to prison!» Baxter listened and smiled. «Certainly, but only after you've given me that revolver», he replied. Hugo handed it to him silently.

3. The policemen around Baxter and at the door suddenly moved forward and seized Hugo, Masters and the three men.

«We've followed you everywhere for days; that's why we're here now», Baxter told Masters. Then he turned to Hugo and said: «And I've been up there for half an hour. I've heard everything you've said. Also, I think you'd have phoned us an hour ago, when Coke first broke in, if you'd only wanted to protect your property!»

Before Hugo could protest, he and the others were led away. Baxter helped Coke to his feet. «What we know now already proves you were innocent», he said. Then he untied Coke's hands. Coke was a free man again.


18.5.2. Choose the correct answer. Don't use the text

1. Hugo would never have become suspicious if Coke...

a) hadn't come with Masters;

b) hadn't used Masters' car;

c) hadn't come to the garage.

2. Hugo said that...

a) he had tried to protect himself;

b) he hadn't done anything wrong;

c) he was protecting his property.

3. Baxter told Masters that...

a) they had been following him everywhere for days;

b) they had learnt about everything from Coke;

c) they had been phoned by somebody an hour before.

18.5.3. Answer the teacher's questions. (Books closed.)

1. Why did Hugo manage to catch Coke?

2. Why did Coke make a mistake?

3. Who dropped through the sky-light?

4. How did Baxter try to explain himself?

5. What did Baxter tell Coke?

18.5.4. Try to compose the plan for the whole story «The man who escaped».

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