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The man who escaped. 1. It was around midnight when the phone rang in Eric Masters' flat

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(Episode 13)

1. It was around midnight when the phone rang in Eric Masters' flat. The voice on the other end was hard and cold. «This is Hugo», it said. «There was an old blind man in the pub. He had a young woman with him. He asked about you and then went to your shop». Masters blinked in surprise. His voice cracked slightly. «But I don't know anybody like that. What did they want?» «How do I know, you fool? Just watch out for them, that's all!» Hugo said furiously and hung up. Masters slept very badly that night.

2. Eric Masters was cleaning an antique pistol when the phone rang in his shop. He heard a young woman's voice at the other end. «I believe you buy and sell antique weapons», she said. «Yes, that's right. I'm particularly interested in old firearms». «My father is too. He wants to sell some of 17-th century pistols. Would you be interested?» «Certainly. If you bring them to my shop, I'll look at them and give you a price». «Well, unfortunately my father's blind. It's very difficult for him to get about. Would you mind coming to our place?» Masters managed to answer calmly. «Well... er... my assistant is out to lunch. I'll come over when he comes back. Is that all right?» He noted the address she gave him and hung up. His hands were trembling slightly. «These must be the people Hugo told me about», he thought. He reached into a drawer and took out a pistol. This one was not an antique. It was a small, black, nasty-looking automatic. «Perhaps the old man really does want me to look at his pistols», he thought when he was getting into his white Jaguar and driving off.

3. He felt safer when Kate opened the door. She was slim, almost delicate-looking. «Good afternoon», he said. «I'm Eric Masters. You rang my shop earlier». She smiled. «I hope I haven't put you to any trouble», she said pleasantly, and led him into the sitting-room. Masters glanced suspiciously at the old, blind man sitting on the sofa. At first he seemed harmless enough, but there was something familiar about the man's face that made Masters look more carefully at him. «I'll go and get the pistols». Kate said. Masters stayed where he was, where he could see everything and where nobody could come in behind him. The old blind man didn't move. «Are you a collector too?» Masters asked. The old man simply nodded. The woman came out of the bedroom with a large black case. «They're all in here», she said. «If you come over here, to the table, we can look at them. My father doesn't really want anyone else to have them, but it's a question of money».

Masters kept his eyes fastened on the old man's face as he walked towards the table. He was halfway there when the old man raised his face slightly. The sudden movement made Masters stop. The more he looked at that face, the more suspicious he became. Suddenly it dawned on him. He stared at both of them. They were both waiting for him to come nearer. It was the old man's nose and lips that made Masters think of Coke. He reached for his pistol.

13.5.2. Choose the correct answer. Don't use the text.

1. Masters took a pistol with him because...

a) he was sure he was going to meet Coke;

b) he always had it with him;

c) he felt safer with it.

2. Masters looked more carefully at the man because...

a) he recognized Coke;

b) there was something familiar about the man's face;

c) he recognized his voice.

3. Masters stopped because...

a) there was a sudden movement of the old man;

b) he became very suspicious;

c) they were staring at him.

13.5.3. Answer the teacher's questions. (Books closed.)

1. What news did Hugo tell Masters?

2. What did the woman speaking over the phone want?

3. What did Eric promise?

4. What did he take out of a drawer?

5. What made Masters look more carefully at an old man?

6. What made Masters think of Coke?

13.5.4.Give the main idea of this part of the story in 2-3 sentences.

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