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Scanning practice. 1. How many members must be present at the session of the House of Commons?

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7.6.1.Read the questions. Be sure you've got them well in mind.

1. How many members must be present at the session of the House of Commons?

2. When do most of the members of House of Lords appear in the House?

3. When must the members bow to the chair?

7.6.2. Start scanning the text. Don't fail to note your time.

From Monday to Thursday the House of Commons, when in session, meets daily in the early afternoon. Most members of the House of Commons do not attend Parliament all the time it is in session, but at least 50 members must be present. If a member calls for a «Count» and fewer than this number are present, the House is adjourned.

The House of Lords meets on only three days a week, for hours. Not more than 100 peers take part in the regular work of the House. The rest of them appear only on ceremonial occasions.

There is a chair at the top of the House of Commons, in which sits Mr Speaker or his deputy when the House is in session. Every member entering or leaving the House is supposed to bow to the chair — not to the occupant, for the chair may be empty; still they must bow. Some members make quite a ceremony of it.

(161 words)

7.6.3. Answer the questions in 7.6.1. (Books closed.)

Listening practice

7.7.1. Look at the following questions. You'll have to answer them after listening to the text.

1. How many countries has Elmar seen?

2. Why does he want a thousand dollars?

3. Whom has Elmar met?

4. How many rolls of films has he used?

7.7.2. Listen to the dialogue.

7.7.3. Answer the questions in 7.7.1.

7.7.4. Look through the list of words. They will help you to understand the text.

missing — пропавший

curly — кудрявый, волнистый

7.7.5. Listen to the dialogue.Be ready to give the con­tents of it in Russian.

7.7.6. Tell the contents of the dialogue in Russian as close to the text as possible.

Time for fun

7.8.1. Read and then tell it in Russian. Believe it or not, but...

...when a masked man tried to rob the post office at Darley Abbey, Derbyshire, an official just threw a cup of hot tea in his face and the bandit fled.

...The governor of Indiana signed a law banning riding in a public bus for persons who have had a meal seasoned with garlic. The law breakers may be sentenced to confinement or a fine of 10 dollars.

? *7.8.2. And now try to solve this crossword.

ACROSS: 1. With anger. 6. The pronoun «we» in the objective case. 7. The number 1. 8. Prefix, meaning «against». 9. Antonym of «far». 11. To make use of the eyes. 13. A preposition. You can guess it from the following sentences: «The Mediterranean Sea is... Europe and Africa». «A river flows... its banks». 15. An antonym of «clever, bright». 16. To flow back from land to sea (speaking of the tide). 17. An enthusiastic supporter of a football team, for example. 18. In this (that) way; thus.

DOWN: 1. A sound or signal giving a warning of danger. 2. Destruction; serious damage. 3. The verb «to be» in the Present Indefinite, 3d person singular. 4. The reflexive and emphatic pronoun in the 2d person. 5. Making deaf, especially by a loud noise (the Present Parti­ciple). 10. Clever, showing knowledge or skill. 12. You will form the plural of «toot, goose, tooth» by replacing «oo» by these letters. 14. Napoleon lived on this island in 1814-1815.


Фонетика: sounds [u:], [u]

Словообразование: суффиксы глагола -fy, -ate, -en

Грамматика: будущее время Simple Future, срав­нительные конструкции as...as; not so...as

Текст: «Elections»

Sound right

8.1.1. Listen, look, say:

too tomb tooth tool due junior

boo booed boot cool view prudent

rue rude route rule hue wounded

who whom hoot fool new whooping

coo cooed coot pull few balloon

sou soon soup spool pew protrude

Lou lose loose stool stew include

8.1.2. Listen, look, say:

1. Who'll do the rooms?

2. Do as I do.

3. Sue's true blue.

4. Ruth can't say boo to a goose.

5. You are a nuisance, too.

6. Don't you be too soon, Bruce.

7. Lou grew too big for his boots.

8. Prue knew who's who.

9. I see Prudie once in a blue moon. 10. Read the newspaper review through and through.

8.1.3. Listen and look. Pay attention to the sound [u]: [u] as in good, [u:] as in boot.


A. Who would he choose?

B. He'd choose you.

A. He wouldn't choose me — I'm much too young. He doesn't think I could do it.

B. Well, if he wouldn't choose you, who would he choose?

A. He'd choose Wood. Wood's very good.

B. Mm-much too good to be true.


A. We should be there by two.

B. Yes. It's a full moon. And the route's good.

A. I'll put the things in the boot.

B. The boot's full.

A. What has that fool put in the boot?

B. I wouldn't look if I were you...

A. Or I should say ... who's he put in the boot?

8.1.4. Listen, look, say. Pay attention to the intonation.

8.1.5. Read the dialogues in pairs.

8.1.6. Listen, look, say:

good look woman full

could put sugar bull

would foot pudding wool

should book butcher wolf

room push woolen wolves

hood cook cushion pulpit

wood puss bullet pullman

8.1.7. Listen, look, say:

1. It looks good.

2. Put your foot down.

3. Keep a good look out.

4. Fuller took good aim.

5. I wouldn't put it past Foots.

6. Woolner refused to put foot out.

7. It wouldn't look good, would it?

8. Wolf is put to the push.

9. Would you help the woman, if you could?

10. I couldn't help looking, could I?

11. If only Foot should pull through.

12. Pull devil! Pull baker! Bully for you!

8.1.8. Listen and look. Pay attention to the sound [u]: [u] as in foot, [ö] as in cut.


A. I've cut my foot.

B. Let me look. Ummm... Not much of a cut. No blood. Just put a plaster on it. Cover it up.

A. It's the other foot actually.


A. Could you come for lunch? B. I wish I could come, but... A. I'm cooking a duck.

B. A duck? Mmmm...

A. I've just made the pudding.

B. Oh! A pudding?

A. With nuts!

B. Nuts? Mmmm... A wonderful lunch! Wonder­ful!

A. It would be lovely if you could come.

B. I'd love to come mother...

A. Good. Come at once.

B. But...

8.1.9. Listen, look, say. Pay attention to the intonation.

8.1.10.Read the dialogue in pairs.

*8.1.11. Try to read the toungue-twister as fast as you can.

A tutor who taught on the flute,

Tried to teach two young footers to toot.

Said the two to the tutor:

«It is harder to toot, or To tutor two tooters to toot?»

8.2. Word-building: -ify, -ate, -en

8.2.1. Paraphrase the following word-combinations us­ing -ify:

make or become more intense; arrange in classes; make simple; make pure; unite (form into one).

8.2.2. Make pairs of antonyms:

complicate purify

pollute horrify

separate simplify

please nullify

establish unify

8.2.3. Give Russian equivalents for the following verbs with suffix -en:

darken, broaden, tighten, sweeten, deepen, strengthen, threaten, sharpen, blacken, redden.

8.2.4. Answer the questions:

1. When. do the days begin to lengthen?

2. What did the fascists threaten to do?

3. What heightens your interest in your studies?

4. What can you do to brighten the classroom?

5. What strengthens the world peace?

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