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The man who escaped. 1. Kate was what the Americans call 'a cool character'; nothing seemed to surprise her very much

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(Episode 11)

1. Kate was what the Americans call 'a cool character'; nothing seemed to surprise her very much. Perhaps this was because she was an actress. She played small parts in films and on television. She didn't hesitate even for a second when Coke said he wanted her help to find the real spies. «All right», she said. «I'll start right now. Wait here! » «What do you mean? Where are you going?» Coke asked. «You'll find out when I come back. I'll have to get some things now!» Before Coke could answer, she was gone.

2. Not very far away, Baxter was still sitting in the Chief Inspector's Office. He was still looking at Masters's photograph. «What's so interesting about him? Why do you want me to follow him?» he asked. «A few days ago, quite by accident we learned a few things about him. Coke might... be innocent after all. It's only a possibility. We want to see what Masters does if Coke contacts him, the Chief Inspector answered. Baxter was even more sur­prised now. «I don't understand, sir. What do you think Masters might do?» he said. «Masters might try to kill him if he's really afraid of him». «But surely that's dangerous, sir. I mean, if Coke is innocent. Masters might kill him... and if he isn't innocent, we're letting him go free. After all. Coke might kill Masters... or someone else!» The Chief Inspector looked very serious. «That's a chance we'll have to take, Baxter!» he said.

3. Time passed very slowly for Coke that morning and afternoon. It was evening before Kate came back. She was carrying a large bundle and a lot of other things. «Here. Try these things on», she said. She unwrapped the bundle quickly and showed him a suit, shoes and shirt. There was also a coat with an expensive fur collar, the sort million­aires wear in films. «I'll have to change my appearance more than this!» he said. «Of course you will», she answered. «And I've got just the things you'll need!» First Kate dyed Coke's hair grey. Then she used some theatrical make-up to give him a much older face. Finally she put a pair of dark glasses on him, gave him a white walking-stick and led him to a mirror. He was surprised when he saw himself. An old blind man stared back at him. «And now, Kate said, you'll have to do far more than simply look like an old blind man. You'll have to walk, talk and act like one, too!» For the next hour she taught him exactly how to do that. «You learn fast. We can go now», she said finally.

4. They were walking towards a taxi-rank. «Now just tell me where we're going!» Kate said. «To a pub in Soho called «The Green Rider». Masters used to go there a lot», Coke answered. «You mean you think he's one of the spies?» «I don't know, but he didn't tell the truth at the trial. Why else should he lie?» Coke said. They got to Soho half an hour later. The streets were brightly-lit. There were people, pubs, restaurants, cinemas and strip­tease clubs everywhere. They walked on until Coke suddenly gripped Kate's arm very hard. «This is the place. Take me in!» he said. They went into the crowded, noisy room.

11.5.2. Choose the correct answer. Don't use the text.

1. The Chief Inspector wanted to see...

a) if Masters kills Coke;

b) if Coke is innocent;

c) what Masters does if Coke contacts him.

2. Kate taught Coke because...

a) he didn't look like an old man:

b) she wanted him to act like a blind man;

c) she was a good actress.

3. Coke thought that Masters was a spy be­cause

a) he used to go to «The Green Rider»:

b) he was afraid of him;

c) he didn't tell the truth at the trial.

11.5.3. Answer the teacher's questions. (Books closed.)

1. What was Kate?

2. What did the Chief Inspector want to see?

3. Why was the Chief Inspector's plan danger­ous?

4. What did Kate bring in the evening?

5. What did Kate do to Coke's hair and face?

6. Whom did Coke see in the mirror?

7. What did Kate teach Coke to do?

8. Where and why were they walking?

9. What made Coke think Masters was one of the spies?

11.5.4. Give the contents of the extract in 4 sentences.

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